Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving Over Endless Mountains Oh So High

We got home last night and collapsed - after packing and unpacking and getting everything connected it was about 10pm by the time we finally fell into bed. But, for those of you who haven't caught up with the competition while we were asleep, here's our result:


But we think we did better than that. In fact, we think Best Art should have gone to Elle, who worked her butt off to emulate a style she hadn't seen before and did an amazing job. If you haven't seen our game yet, watch the trailer in my previous post, and check out the GUI (the border around the game) in that video. I'll post a high-res version when I can grab one off Elle, but it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in a game.

So where does that leave us? Well, they'll be posting links to all of the games over the next week or so. Go there, download our game, play some of the others, and if you think we should have won Best Art, leave a comment on their website saying so.

It won't make a difference to the judging, but it will make a difference to us.

Thanks for staying with us this whole time. I hope Dimensionography will have many adventures to come, but for now, I think we all need about two weeks of sleep.

Take care, and have a good Monday.
Leanne C. Taylor

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Morning Star Watching Over All

So the competition is officially over, with only the judging left. They've been here since 4pm, walking around, checking everything out, while the rest of us ate sausages and tried to stay awake. We've managed remarkably well, I feel.

So, the official title of our game is:

We had to make a video this year, for the website, and to play if we win an award, so this is what I was doing since about 3:30-ish, with a slight break for sausage sizzle:

Keeping Close to the Path

Wow. More art. With less than 45 minutes to go, things are getting more and more hectic. Luckily, even though Steve's code compiler somehow managed to hang itself, he and Josh are now playtesting. Their joyous screaming is all I've been able to hear for the past fifteen minutes, so that's a good sign, right?

Crap, half an hour to go. No time for a credits screen, so it's just a text file. No time for anything much, really, but we're supposed to be making a movie, so I'd better get on that. Need some in-game footage, though, which I'll have to grab after 4pm. Everything is exploding, it seems - maybe I'll post more later, but I doubt I'll reach the end of my song this year.

Ah, well. There's always next time.


Time for a photo update from last night!

So much pizza!
So much Mick Gordon!So much... bad composition! Yay, James and Steve!

Okay, back to my Super Secret Special Project!

Deep Inside of Me, Memories Flickering and Shimmering On

And sound. Did I mention sound? Things are starting to get hectic, as code breaks and animations and art... still look awesome, but are apparently not up to scratch. We don't have as much functionality as we wanted - only 1 ---- instead of 3, and as yet no -------s. But, for all that, I just played it with Yug, and I was still having fun. He seemed to be having fun, too, which is good. Better than just me having fun. You may have noticed I'm pretty easily amused.

And, since my video upload earlier was so much epic fail, I've looped it to the splash-screen music I chose.


My Heart Must Beat

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

I've been press-ganged into art.

You've seen my gifs - you know my level of competency. Yet I've just finished making not only the instructional splashscreen, but the victory images as well.

Oh deary, deary me.

But you'll just have to play the game to see them. And if someone who actually does art actually gets a chance to actually fix them up... I'll post my efforts here.

Deep Inside So Silently

And now, in its full glory, Elle's artwork and James' animation!